North Pole Massive Melting

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Due to Global Warming those ice caps in the polar regions are melting, soon there will be no more ice left on those regions and the sea level will increase dramatically !!!

The weather/climate or seasons will also change dramatically and this can mean a totally ugly scenario, unless we do our part to ACT RESPONSIBLY to save and reduce the effects of global warming ... Our future will not be so bright as we expected it to be ...

Some Facts:

Massive Melting !!!

Scientists are particularly interested in the North and South Poles because they are expected to show the most dramatic effects of global warming.

Models predict that the regions will see temperature increases roughly three times as quickly as the rest of the globe because of an effect known as ice albedo feedback, which occurs when highly reflective ice gives way to dark water.

The water absorbs much more of the sun's energy, increasing temperatures and causing further ice melting.


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