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Happy New Year ! Welcoming 2009 here in Brunei is a bit of quiet in a sense. I guess I have to get use to it. Some highlight of my life last 2008 :

- (1) My grandmother and auntie went to Brunei for a long vacation.
- (2) Well I moved into a new company ( it feels good and sad in the same way, leaving your Colleagues & Bosses behind and have to start getting along with new faces/attitudes, but it worked so far, Thank God! )
- (3) My wife got pregnant (she's 6 month preggy at the moment, gonna be a future Dad [scary])
- (4) Moved into a new place.
- (5) Moved into a new Church premises. ( Nice Building ... Like those I see in the magazine ... )
- (6) Dec 5. 2008 - Our First Year Anniversary - celebrated at Swensens Restaurant...

Well those are some of the things I can remember. Some sad part need not to be mentioned...

Year 2009. Pray that God will bring more blessings into our life. He's been faithful to all of us His children.
First stop, I started using my Camera again ( finally, I've picked it up from its bag ), while I was doing my afternoon jog, I notice the light from a nearby hotel, thought I might give it a shoot, so I got back home ( I live nearby ), and took my camera. Here's the photo... I think I'll start to shot once more ( give it another try ).

The Riverview Hotel - 3 Star Hotel Tourist/Business ( shot taken around 6:30 pm ). Location, Gadong just outside the capital city is a quality hotel serving the visitor and regional business community. Located 10 minutes drive from the airport, 5 minutes drive from the Gadong Shopping area, and 5 to 10 minutes drive from the central Bandar Seri Begawan shopping area.

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