Sony's Finger Vein Authentication Technology "mofiria" for PC's and Mobile Devices

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If you thought finger print readers, retinal scanners, etc where the best security measures one can take to secure their devices and data, think again!

SONY announced its new technology called “mofiria”. This technology can be mounted on mobile devices such as Laptops and Mobile phones which authenticates users by scanning their finger veins.

“Sony Develops Compact Sized, High Speed, High Accuracy Finger Vein Authentication Technology Dubbed ‘mofiria’” [link]

The technology works by throwing light on the finger which is captured by a CMOS sensor on the other side, this creates an image identifying the individual. The vein patterns are known to differ from person to person and in fact from finger to finger.

“mofiria uses a unique method where a CMOS sensor diagonally captures scattered light inside the finger veins, making a plane layout possible. As a result, a small and more flexible design can be realized in building this technology into mobile devices” [link]

The company claims that the technology is virtually fool proof. The False Acceptance Rate is less than 0.0001% and False Rejection Rate is less than 0.1%. It takes about 0.015 sec on a regular PC and about 0.25 sec on a mobile device to authenticate using this technology.

We should expect to see this technology in the market in the late 2009 or early 2010, that is when Sony decides to commercialize this technology.

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