Laptop Kill Switch ?

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While I was searching the Net for some interesting stuff, found this one ... really interesting technology ... check it out! ...

Ericsson and Intel developing Laptop kill switch

Erisson has just announced its HSPA-capable Mobile Broadband Modules will compatible with Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology. Ericsson is in cahoots with Intel to bring an even higher standard of theft shelter to upcoming laptops. Ericsson tactics to make its HSPA-capable Mobile Broadband Modules compatible with Intel’s current anti-theft laptop technology. Ericsson’s modules will support remote-SMS to lock a stolen or lost notebook. The Ericsson/Intel security permutation will result in laptops that not only support a remote-SMS enabled kill switch, but also a transmitting GPS feature. This solution will be obtainable in commerial data protection products starting second half of 2009.

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