16 Layer Optical Disc - unbelievable ~!~

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Pioneer: Reveals 16 Layer Optical Disc

now introduces a new optical disk of 16 layers. This optical layer disk has an immense capacity of storing 400GB data. The technology behind this disk is based on Blu-ray disk technology with an added additional material of reflective layers.

This disk can be used with any BD players available in the market as its PUH (pick-up head) remain the same like other blank BD discs.

According to the sources, Pioneer will release 400GB read only disc before 2010 and the same capacity disk but with re-writeable feature between 2010 and 2012. Pioneer has also planned to launch the disk with capacity of 1TB around 2013.

Information and credits : http://www.latestgadgetstobuy.com/pioneer-reveals-16-layer-optical-disc/#more-315


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